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Depending on length you need 1m/yard of two way stretch jersey

What you need:
Jennifer Sun Dress

The Jennifer dress has a high neck and shows a lot of shoulder ideal if you are petite. I have made this as a tunic, top and dress.

The fastening in the back is a bit tricky, you can always lower the neckline in the back a bit to get your head through!

Most jersey dresses tend to have a a bit of loose fabric in the waist area at the back, this one is cleverly cut and its smooth all the way!

Download the pattern in S,M,L and XL and off you go.

Originally this pattern was part of my jersey collection but as I have improved my presentation and focus (children’s wear) I decided to make these available for free. They are hand drawn and I still wonder how I got them that accurate I must have been mad!!! So enjoy these lovely patterns for now, as soon as I have updated them to the new system they will go back into my shop.





Download here

If you can’t see the video your Tablet does not support flash player. Click here to watch on you tube!

This is the lovely Erika who kindly modelled the dress for me.

Beth modelled this fiercely patterned dress, but looked absolutely gorgeous in the layered version, all I altered was cutting of the top and threading a tie through. I did make a video but the footage was lost unfortunate ly. Maybe one day I have a go again.

Vanessa designed a whole range of dresses for me and is now studying fashion & business at University. For this dress I simply took the pattern and created new shapes. How that is done you can see in the ‘Vanessa Designs’ video.

Instructions for the ‘Jennifer Sun Dress’.

Vanessa designs

Altering a Pattern