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What you need:
Nautical Cushion

This cushion is made using the rough edge applique technique. Totally easy and the template for the design is free. All the other instruction are on the online lesson which you can watch for free.

I am showing you how to put the zip in too, but if that's too difficult, just use a different method of fastening (see picture on the right). But since practise makes perfect and its the back of a cushion what have you got to loose?

I did this project with a day care centre this spring and everyone loved it as much as the mum's at the Chestnut children's centre.

Template for the cushion

Download here

Try making your own template, I made this light house for a baby blanket years ago and used lined applique as a technique.

If you can’t see the video your Tablet does not support flash player. Click here to watch on you tube!