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The polka dots were as always the favourite, we also started putting a tab on one side of the zip, it just looks really nice. I would still go for the slightly more matt patterned oilcloth simply because it is easier to work with. See what you think.

The messenger bag has a welt pocket in the front an inner pocket and a zip fastening. Since making quite a few in my sewing classes I have simplified the pocket process and decided to also change the handle width to 12..5cm and work it just like the ‘Out & About’ bag. Its simply so much quicker! The videos are also below.

If you are going for stripes and the matt classy look you can invest in a fabric from Bowley & Jackson. .

I also like fabrics from Dotty Brown (just a few fabrics but really lovely!)

For your polka dot check out this Temple Heights (California) store called Oilcloth Alley   

There are so many offers on the Internet, these are just a few.

Sewing Course - Have a look
Messenger Bag
What you need:

I used contrast oilcloth for the shoulder strap but would recommend you make the strap wider and using the method suggested below finish the strap. The inner pocket gives you much space for anything of value. The outside pocket can store a wallet, tissues etc.

Shoulder Strap 2nd Method

Welt Pocket - Even Simpler!