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A great fitting brief is just absolutely the best thing. If it looks good all the better. I designed lingerie (see picture of model below) when I first started out and forgot all about those days of yonder until I had resort back to my old patterns when I just didn't want to spend a fortune on pretty knickers but still wanted the fit, the look and comfort. So I made about 15 on a rainy afternoon and wondered afterwards why I ever bought any in the first place.

When I told my students in my sewing class that I had made knickers from a stash of old patterns and jersey they wanted to make some too! So I copied the patterns for them and off we went. Now this is a firm favourite as they are quite quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Plus they fit like a dream. So make your own, the pattern is free and comes with a free online lesson too!





Download here

I loved making pretty silk lingerie when I ran a lingerie company with a friend from University in the 1990’s.

By the summer 2014 I hoped to have a beautiful pattern pack for you to really sink your teeth into. Alas the beautiful set pictured to the right is still a project needing both video and PDF pattern. The good news I have graded the paper patterns already (in 1993!).

If you can’t see the video your Tablet does not support flash player. Click here to watch on you tube!