Sewing for Dolls

Sewing for dolls is something anyone with a sewing machine can do. I remember my mum sewing up a storm for my doll. There was a white dress with blue piping. I remember it so well, even though I was quite little. Sewing doll’s clothes helps you make precious memories with your kids, too but also helps you learn a multitude of techniques without the pressure of having to be ‘perfect’. They are easily sewn up with fabric rests, or even from old clothes. Old pair of jeans? Old shirt? T-shirt? Cut them up for the doll’s outfits. It will save money and be fantastic fun.


That’s right, all the doll clothes sewing patterns come with free video instructions! These video tutorials are more than just instructions for the doll clothes, they are free sewing lessons for sewing clothes. I don’t insert zips and keep it fairly simple in the doll clothes  video tutorials but I do have plenty of free videos for that already. Just scroll down to find even more free sewing lessons. So settle in, make yourself a cup of coffee and start binge watching the doll collection videos. You will absolutely love them and if your a little girl is already the proud owner of an ‘American Girl Doll’,  then you have reached the Nirvana of doll clothes. Enjoy!

For all beginners I would highly recommend our Facebook page and Facebook group. The group is monitored all the time, so if you have a question or are stuck, there will be someone that can help. We are an incredibly diverse group of ladies and few gents, that love sewing and support each other.


Bonnie, Puppenrock: Bonnie, Puppenrock, rock, Glockenrock, Stufenrock, naehen, puppenkleider naehen, sommer Rock, Götz, Kaethe Kruse, Frocks and Frolics, nähen, Nähkurse Puppenschnittmuster, Nähkurse, Puppenschnittmuster, PDF Schnittmuster

Puppenrock: Bonnie

Wunderschöner Rock mit kreisförmiger Passe und tief gesetzter Rüsche. Das Bündchen hat einen Gummizug und Schleifenbänder.

Puppenhose: Audrey, Audrey, Capri Hose, Goetz, Puppenhose, Puppenhose naehen, Schlitz naehen, Gummizug, einfach, Video, Google, Schnittmuster, Frocks & Frolics, Deutsch, Nähkurse Puppenschnittmuster, PDF Schnittmuster

Puppenhose: Audrey

Hier kommt ein Hauch von Audrey Hepburn die diese schmale Hosenform mit seitlichen Schlitzen, berühmt gemacht hat.

Puppenbolero: Paris, PDF Schnittmuster, Puppekleider naehen, Bolero Jacke, Goetz, Kaethe Kruse, american girl, our generation, google, Puppenschnittmuster, Puppe, Nähkurse Puppenschnittmuster

Puppenbolero: Paris

Bolerojacke für alle die das Besondere mögen. Gefütterte Bolero-Jacke mit Schalkragen und Rüschendetail.


If you haven’t already looked at my ‘Basics’ academy page yet, scroll down to find all the free courses and get started. No sewing machine yet but super keen to start? Read my blog post on sewing machines, followed up with my video about my wonderful Pfaff sewing machine. Watch the doll clothes videos on this page to see what tickles your fancy! Then take your pick here and get started.


Nähen lernen

New to sewing? Then this is the place to start. I included a range of video content from seams to hems, which will help you get off to a flying start. This course packed with video tutorials and information is free for members.

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