T-Shirt Hack

T-Shirt DIY is great for practicing some new skills and also having a wearable top without actually having to put in sleeves and any of the stuff you, as a beginner, may be intimidated by. So give this ago, you will love it.

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Mimi Hack

Using both the Millie and Georgina patterns, I will teach you how to create an easy wrap over back. Of course it will work with other patterns too. Just grab your favorite and off you go.


Rüschenrock nähen

In this course I show some really neat methods for creating ruffle skirts, which are easy to sew and look absolutely stunning. The team spend some time cooking these methods up and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Schnittmuster Hack: Gewebt wird zu Strick

This has been such a common request from my lovely customers. So in absence of my Vivienne Dress being offered in knit fabrics too, here is a lesson how you can amend a dress pattern you love to fit in knit fabrics too.


Schnittmuster Hacks: Jersey-Kleider

When I created video tutorials for teens, so they could make some awesome stuff, I had help from Vanessa, who designed a collection of products you can make with my free Jersey dress patterns. Today she is working in business management for fashion. Enjoy, and pick up some pattern drafting skills,too.

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