The Jeans zip is the one, most newbies want to know about. Here I am showing you how I put this type of zip in and as always its not easy but also not a great hardship either. Go on be brave and give it a go!

Learn how to sew in a zip which literally lies on top of a garment. I am also applying a lining. This is a great technique for a very modern and up to date look.

This is another favorite. We are inserting an open zip with the teeth being visible. It would be great on a neckline as a feature or genuine opening. This is a fab method for intermediate skill sewers.

This zip shows the teeth and is inserted into a lined fabric BUT it lies on top of the lining. A great method for an advanced beginner skill level.

My least favorite zip to put in, the lapped zip! But it does have its place in clothes, where you have a lot of stress on the zip area. And as always doing it lined will be an eye opener. I did this wrong for ever such a long time, partly because I really don’t like doing them…..

The concealed or invisible zip is great for most skirts and dresses because it literally vanished into the seam. Its also easier to put in then other zips. Don’t be fooled by its scary look. It’s a simple zip insertion.

Buttons & Snaps

KamSnaps are truly a beginners dream. Easy and quick when buttonholes are still a right old pain! Here I am adding the snaps into our Brooklyn waistcoat.

KamSnaps again, here inserted into an asymmetrical front closure. The example is from the Virginia blouse, one of my favorite projects ever. Ideal for autumn with long sleeves and summer with puff sleeves. 

Sometimes its easiest to just look at an example. Also a little sneak peak into our fabulous Audrey Capri’s. Did I mention I love concealed zips? Just make sure you get good quality as they have a tendency to break.

Here I am sharing how to put the concealed zip in if you are using a facing. Its inserted into another great pants patterns, the Devon, which you will love.

Press Fasteners use a different application system. In this example I am using the SnapSetter tool, available in craft shops. I found it worked very well on metal snaps and I had absolutely no accidents with it. Highly recommend it for extra cool shirts.

Metal snaps for all your baby collection are great, when you know where to attach them, how to line up top and bottom row and of course which tool works best. I am using Dritz pliers, they are excellent for acurate placing.


This video covers: Rouleaux Loop, Snaps, KamSnaps and buttonholes. The buttonholes are at the end watch from 20 minutes. This is a great video for an overview of fastening techniques, borrowed from the Virginia sew-a-long. 

Let’s put in some buttonholes to the super cute Dungies. If you never put in a buttonhole before, this beginner project has only two to insert, so you can give that a go. (of course you can cheat too and use KamSnaps)

How to cover a button and insert buttonholes into a coat. Now we do not sell this coat at the moment its coming back this winter though. The Charlotte coat looks beautiful with cover buttons!

In this example I am letting you in on a few secrets to place and insert buttons into a blouse, in exactly the right spot! We are also having a sneaky look at the Beatrice blouse. Danger warning: Don’t watch if you already have enough blouse patterns! You won’t be able to resist this one.

Plackets & More

How to sew a fabric loop, a great way to create a gorgeous rouleaux loop, ideal for all your fabulous makes. Use it anywhere on your garments. Here I am using it on the Lily crop top, its absolutely fabulous.

A placket is a great method to get under your belt. Here we are using a placket closure on the cool shirt. When I first started this realy scared me. Until I unpicked one of those and looked how it was done. Ahhhh I went ‘I can do that’! It’s simple, so give it a go.

A placket can be inserted into the back or front of a dress. It looks great, is fairly easy to do and gives a professional look. 

This is a complete video but you should have a look at the wide bias being used to attach KamSnaps. Its a solid method for beginner skill sewers. Start watching at 6.29 minutes. The example here is the Natalie dress.

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